Family Corner

Want to unite with other families across North America? Want to unite with families in your state or province? Click your local FEAT (Families for Early/Effective Treatment) chapter websites.


Canadian FEAT Websites:

  1. FEAT Alberta
  2. FEAT of BC
  3. Manitoba FEAT
  4. Saskatchewan FEAT

United States FEAT Websites:

  1. Alaska FEAT
  2. FEAT Austin
  3. FEAT of the Carson Valley
  4. Central Ohio FEAT
  5. FEAT of CNY
  6. FEAT of Chattanooga, TN
  7. Connecticut FEAT
  8. Fargo Moorhead FEAT
  9. FEAT Fresno/Madera County
  10. Indiana FEAT
  11. Los Angeles FEAT
  12. FEAT of Louisville
  13. FEAT Memphis
  14. Michigan FEAT
  15. Missouri FEAT
  16. FEAT of Nebraska
  17. FEAT North Texas
  18. FEAT of Northern California
  19. FEAT of North Carolina
  20. FEAT of Northern New York
  21. FEAT of Rhode Island
  22. Solano FEAT
  23. FEAT of Sacramento
  24. FEAT of Southern Nevada
  25. FEAT of Washington

If your local FEAT chapter is not listed, please notify us at


Ontario Advocacy Groups:

  1. Ontario Autism Coalition