Online email Groups

  • “The ME-list”. A great place to post specific ABA questions. A wealth of information and a great archive section too. To sign-up send a message to LISTSERV@IUPUI.EDU and tell them you want to subscribe to the ME-list.
  • “ABAParents” a yahoo list serve for parents involved with an ABA program. E-mail address Go to Yahoo website and search for “ABAparents” to subscribe to this list.
  • “The Verbal Behaviour List”. Similar to the ME-list, but deals with using ABA to teach verbal behaviour. To subscribe send an email to and in the body and subject heading of the text write the word “subscribe”.
  • Schafer Autism Report Visit this link to subscribe to news related to autism including: Special Education • Mercury Toxicity • CAN • Vaccines • IDEA • East Coast Conferences • West Coast Conferences • World Conferences • DAN! Conferences • Digestive Enzymes • Autism Research • Genetic Research • Biomedical Research • Behavioral Research • “Spin” Research • Stem Cell Applications • Medical Imaging • Adult Autism Care & Advocacy • Asperger’s Aspirations • Advocacy Network • Latest Discoveries • Neurological Developments • Discussion Lists • Latest Autism Websites • Related Federal and State Legislation • NAAR • Environmental Toxins • Autism in the News • MIND Institute • GFCF Food • Vitamin A • ABA • ARI • ASA • ADHD • NIH • CDC • FDA • B6/Magnesium • Legal and Political Advocacy. Sent to you in a daily online newsletter.