testpic“I am thrilled with these products. It is almost impossible to find these sort of resource materials in any store. Especially if you are looking for something specific. I have made many purchases, including sequencing, school routines, plurals, emotions, prepositions, just to name a few. The pictures are big and colourful and easy to understand. The prices were so affordable too, considering how much therapy costs. Sharon has made our lives a little easier in a time when so much was uncertain. I will continue to be a customer, for as long as we need these products.”

– Amanda McBride


“Dear Sharon, A couple a days ago I received the pec cards. These cards are wonderful, my nephew so enjoys them and are so beneficial to his learning growth. Thank you so much for a product that is making a difference in a lot of peoples lives. Keep up the good work, I know I will on my end here! God bless you.”

– An extremely satisfied customer, Rose, IL, Special Education Teacher and aunt of a child on the spectrum


“I received the “Pics for ABA” from ABA Educational Resources after looking for a product like this for some time. I was amazed at the quality and functionality of the symbols and immediately constructed materials to use with children I am working with that have diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. By using the symbols and creating a means of structure and supported communication, it has lessened the problem behaviors I was seeing. Resources like this are a God send to professionals within the field who work with children with Autism. Thanks so much! I will definitely be an ongoing customer.”

– Lisa Ladson, Certified Associate Behavior Analyst, Madison, WI


“The material offered on www.abaresources.com is very impressive. The “Pics for ABA” are extremely unique and creative! Not to mention colourful and eye-catching. The token boards with matching tokens are adorable and extremely useful for those people (like myself) who may not have the time to go searching for thematic token boards. Sharon’s materials are great! And the fact that she is a mother of an Autistic child makes her even more so reliable since she has first-hand experience on what works- and what doesn’t!”

– Doreen Melegos, Senior ABA Facilitator


“I have been searching for quite some time for “just the right picture symbols” for my Autistic son, Michael, 5. When I reviewed www.abaresources.com and received the “Pics for ABA”, I was more than delighted. More so, my son was eager to touch, hold and participate in our teaching him, of the picture symbols. Thanks for being on the cutting edge!”

– Lillian, Toronto, Ontario, parent of ASD child