Useful Textbooks/Manuals

  • Lynn M. Hamilton, Bernard Rimland. Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help (purchase on Amazon)
  • A Work in Progress: Behavior Management Strategies & A Curriculum for Intensive Behavioral Treatment of Autism by Ron Leaf, John McEachin, Jaisom D. Harsh, Ronald Burton Leaf – Very good information and is good to use as a compliment to the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (purchase on Amazon)
  • Sundberg, Mark, L., Ph.D. and Partington, James, W. Ph.D. Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities (purchase on Amazon)
  • Partington, James, W. PhD., and Mark L. Sundberg, Mark, L. PhD. The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS)
  • Lear, K. (2000). Help Us Learn. A Self-paced Training Program for ABA. Toronto: Kathy Lear.
  • Maurice C., Greene G., Luce, S. (1996). Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism: A manual for parents and professionals by 24 contributors. ISBN:0890796831
  • Lovaas, O. I. (1981). Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children: The Me Book, Austin, Texas 78757, 1- 512- 451- 3246. ISBN: 0936104783 (paperback, 250 pages, University Park Press, 1981).
  • Keenan, M., Kerr, K.P., & Dillenburger, K. (2000). Parent’s education as autism therapists: Applied behaviour analysis in context. London: Jessican Kingsley Publishers.